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Dear Hummingbird

I admire you when you're here, the unexpected visits. Quick but meaningful. If I where to catch you, who you are wouldn't mean the same, so I'm careful in my movements. Your presence is like a visit in a dream from a lost loved one. The more I learn about you, the more uncertain you seem. Indecisive, what's new and out of place seems to grab your attention until you become accustom to it. Your curiosity keeps you around, but that also makes you leave. Security seems so important but it's as if you can't obtain its entirety within you. Territorial, so you'll come back to what's familiar to feed...only to leave last. So I lay out food to admire your presence. Knowing that if I capture a picture of your infrequent attributes I can see you clearly instead of in blurs. I purposely choose not to pull out a camera. So I enjoy the moment for as long as I can before you fly away. - Blüme

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